Monday, August 13, 2012

Falling For You

Do you have any regrets? The one that stands out for me is not going into education and becoming a teacher, specifically, a reading specialist. That regret looms large in my mind twice a year; when school ends and summer break is upon all my teacher friends and then again when school starts. When I wistfully remembered the joy of shopping for all new school supplies (and clothes) the other day, J called me a dork. Harumph! I proudly embrace that dorkdom because man did I love that time of year. What, you may ask, does any of this have to do with the impending birth of our daughter? Nothing, really, except that back-to-school reminds me that fall is upon us and I’m excited.
I’m excited because this year, fall = baby and well, I think that’s reason enough. I hit 28 weeks today, officially 12 more weeks to go! Last week, right on cue, several third trimester symptoms snuck up on me, mainly leg cramps and constant heartburn. Thank heavens for Pepcid! Another gem? Leaky breasts. So, so weird. I’m sure it’s just a sign of more things to come in these last few months.
I guess another tie in to the back-to-school theme could be the new stuff we’re buying for the baby. We decided to splurge on a crazy space stroller. OK, it’s not from space, but the Origami sure is fancy. It arrived the other day and is already J’s favorite baby gadget. Savannah, on the other hand, was kind of freaked out by it! That’s really the only baby item we have purchased lately. We already have to prepay some of the hospital bill (ugh!) so we’re waiting until after the showers to see what’s left on the registry to get. I haven’t even picked up any outfits since those initial three after learning we were having a girl … so unlike me!
In other news, I’m still in heavy nesting mode, wanting everything cleaned out, pared down and organized. I wish I were always this motivated to keep away the clutter! I want everything just so, even though I know it won’t last once the baby comes and life with a child begins. I think maybe we’re programmed to want to get everything that way just so we feel a moment of contentment and readiness when we bring the baby home.
I’ll report back soon on whether I fail my glucose tolerance test on Friday for gestational diabetes. I have a feeling I might given my past insulin resistance, but hopefully not!