Monday, May 7, 2012

Crossing to the Sunny Side of the Street

Confession time: I had written a post last week bemoaning more of my pregnancy pains (literally and figuratively), but an unrelated email exchange I had with someone whose perspective I appreciate made me delete it. While I think there is no harm in being honest about not loving being pregnant so far, I absolutely need to look at it in a more positive light – I’m making a human being for goodness sake; who expects that to be easy?

So, with that change in attitude as well as the fact that I truly am feeling better, I aim to look on the bright side from here on out. I know that doesn’t mean everything will be peachy keen but it also doesn’t mean I have to whine about every little discomfort (and we all know I’m a whiner).

Here are the coolest things happening right now:
  • My belly is starting to poke out and maternity wear is becoming more necessary.
  • Only 6 more weeks until we know if it’s a boy or a girl - start placing your bets.
  • J and I decided on nursery furniture this weekend. 
  • I’m finding myself less overwhelmed and more excited when looking at gear.  
  • Pizza.
Also, an update on our 4-legged baby. Something is up with Savannah. We’re not sure if she’s still in a little discomfort from her knee surgeries or if she senses things are changing but she’s been sad lately. When she’s sad, we’re sad. Hopefully a weekend at the lake and swimming in a few weeks will cheer her up. Poor puppy.

p.s. - This photo was taken on April 28. Belly has since popped out further.

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