Monday, June 11, 2012

Whooooa, We're Halfway There

Photographer, I am not.
Well, next Monday will mark the official halfway point of the pregnancy. That’s pretty exciting stuff. I feel like I have been pregnant for an awful long time so it still seems a bit daunting that I have that much longer to go, but I’m sure it will pass quickly. We’re finally getting into the fun stage of things: We have picked out bedding, furniture and some artwork for the nursery. It’s cool to see that all start coming together.

You may be asking, do we know the baby’s sex yet? Maybe! We’re keeping mum on that whole subject for a bit so I’ll leave you hanging :) But is still safe to say that we aren’t any closer to settling on a name.

The belly continues to grow, but I’m not putting on much weight. Certainly no nausea or anything like that but I tend not to eat very much at meals. I get full quickly. I’m not complaining – no need to put on any more weight than the baby needs me to!

I THINK I have felt the baby move but can’t be certain because it’s not an actual kick yet – more like little tummy tickles. That’s what I am chalking those sensations up to anyway. Looking forward to when I know it for sure and when J can feel it, too. The poor thing might have to kick pretty hard in order for us to feel it through all my extra layers of belly fat. Sigh.

Speaking of J, he is gone this whole week to a convention in Las Vegas. Rough life, right? So, it’s just me and the Banana at home. I’m so lucky she is as lazy as I am and content to just lie around. I don’t know what I would do if she were more high maintenance. Simply walking around the mall this weekend had me in desperate need of a nap. Achy back and hips are in full effect these days, yo.

Next time I post, I’ll likely spill the beans on boy vs. girl. I’m sure all three of you will be waiting with bated breath!

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  1. you look so cute! i am very, very happy for you! xo