Saturday, May 28, 2011

TCB ... or TTC*

So, we have actually been "not preventing" pregnancy for a couple of years. I went off birth control back in early 2009 and at that point we agreed that whatever happened would be okay, but we weren't actively trying to make a baby. It is just recently that we have flipped that switch to ACTIVE. And I'm an inpatient kind of girl.

That being said, we're giving it a couple of months on the ovulation timing method but I have already scheduled an appointment with a reproductive specialist for July. Why? Because I feel as if the deck is stacked against us from the beginning. I have always had a sneaking suspicion that it could be difficult for me to conceive. That theory is based solely on a diagnosed tilted uterus and a family history of fertility issues.

More than that, I have a history of abnormal paps and in 2008 I found out that I had cancerous cells on my cervix. They had to be surgically removed and at this time I am all clear. However, I am well aware that they could rear their ugly little cancerous heads again at any time. Now, that doesn't necessarily relate to any potential problems getting pregnant, but it does put us on a timeline. Every time I get a normal pap, I feel like we only have the one year until my next one to get a bun in the oven. Because, if those suckers come back, it will likely lead to a hysterectomy. I'm by no means an anatomy expert, but I'm pretty sure that would make having a baby a moot point.

My next check-up is scheduled for October, so I want to go ahead and find out if we have any other issues working against us and if so, devise a plan of attack. Even though J and I haven't been what is considered "actively trying" for all that long, I'm hoping the fact that I have been off birth control for so long without any luck, in combination with my other issues will prove to the doctor that further testing is needed. We shall see.

We still have June to see if anything happens naturally ... oh, and following Murphy's Law, we just booked a trip to Vegas with our friends for the end of July. That means fun fueled by alcohol, which of course means I'll get pregnant beforehand and have to be the sober one. But, if it takes a dry trip to Vegas to finally make this happen, I'll happily sip my water with lemon.

* I promise not to use a lot of the jargon found on pregnancy/infertility sites (TTC = trying to conceive). But t worked for the title this time, so deal!

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