Monday, September 12, 2011

Heavy heart

So here’s my latest thought on parenthood: While I know there are so very many wonderful things that having children brings into your life, there can also be great sadness. I was reminded of this grim fact last week when I received the news that the 12-year-old son of my friend was a victim in the flooding in Northern Virginia.

My friend is actually my 10th grade English teacher, who I adored. We’ve kept in touch some over the years and I am an avid reader of her blog, An Inch of Gray. I never met her son, but felt somehow connected to him and the rest of her family through her posts. Regardless, I was filled with such deep sadness upon hearing of their loss. In fact, it’s all I have been able to think about and I can't even pinpoint why it has affected me so greatly.

My heart has been heavy with grief and my head lost in thought. Those thoughts range from wondering how the family begins to cope with this tragedy to how scared he must have been when he first got caught in the flood. I then turn to thoughts about how having a child is voluntarily setting yourself for potential loss and it frightens me a little. I know that’s not how you should think, but in light of what has happened, I can’t help it.

It won’t stop us from our quest to become parents, but it does make me pause for a moment and remember that all life is truly a gift and we must be grateful for every day we spend with those we love.

My thoughts continue to go out to the family as they start to put the pieces back together.

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