Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just not feeling it

I’m having an off week. Even though I can see and feel results from the medication, diet and exercise, my motivation is really low right now. After a kick-ass weekend of multiple work outs, I have since wilted. I’m blaming it on a few things:

1.    The ridiculously large and painful blister on the back of my heel that bloodied my sock during cardio on Sunday. Ew and ouch.
2.    P.M.S. (The periods are to help emphasize how strongly I am feeling this).
3.    Overall sense of fatigue and low morale.
4.    Lingering sense of grief that I can't shake.

I’m pretty sure #3 is directly related to #2 and that it will all fade in a few days. I went to the gym on Tuesday as scheduled, but only did about 20 minutes of half-assed cardio because I was both tired and my blister was super sensitive. I have an appointment with my trainer tonight and although I’m going to go, I have a feeling it will be another low-effort session, or at least as low-effort as he’ll let it.

As for the diet … fail. I have had two TINY pieces of cake this week (thanks a lot, coworkers!) and additional other carbs I should avoid. I have also had two whole sodas. That is as “bad” as I have been since I started. Again, blaming the PMS. I HAD to have McDonald’s French fries last night instead of turkey tacos on wheat tortillas. It was imperative. J doesn’t fall for this “excuse” but until he knows what it feels like, I will continue to ignore his comments pertaining to this matter.

I don’t want to reverse any of the progress I have made so I’m hoping that I can get back on track in the next day or so. Actually, it will probably have to wait until Sunday. Saturday is football and that equals beer. It’s just a fact. BUT … I probably won’t do the spin class and two-mile walk before indulging like I did last week.

I know most of you don’t answer when I try to start a discussion but I’ll try again anyway. I am nothing if not persistent: When you lose your motivation, what helps you push through or do you give in for a bit and then just get ramped up again?

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  1. I get in slumps all the time. You are not alone! If I'm not in the mood for a hard workout, I'll take a walk, which inevitably lasts longer than I think it will once I get going. Hang in there!