Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Time

I have been slightly giddy since about 3 p.m. yesterday when I learned that an article I had written was picked up by The Huffington Post. For a writer trying to build freelance credibility, showing up on a national forum like this is a pretty big deal. Here’s a little background:

I recently got in touch with a former coworker who is the managing editor for a new young, professional women’s website, The Daily Muse. They were soliciting articles and since I don’t have the opportunity to write much in my actual job, getting to flex my skills is something I welcome.

The first piece I pitched was on something I know all too well: lessons from being a job hopper. As most of you know, I’ve had more than my fair share of jobs over the years. Yes, the reasons may be valid, but I’m not unaware of how it comes off to hiring managers. However, I also think it’s not as bad as it would have been even 10 years ago. Plus, I have learned a lot and I figured there were others out there, especially young women just starting off in their careers, who could benefit from what I now know.

The article was posted on The Daily Muse site Wednesday, which was enough for me! But then yesterday I was informed by the editor that it was also posted on Huffington Post. The site also has a partnership Forbes and Business Insider. The Daily Muse sends them their articles and some get selected for syndication. Hooray! I’m not holding my breath, but if it were to show up on Forbes, I would die.

I’m already working on my next article for The Daily Muse and I’m excited to have an outlet to do what I love. If I can gain some additional exposure and help build my portfolio, then perhaps my dream of being an actual freelance writer isn’t as far off as it seems!

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