Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick Update

OK, so we're about just about a month  into this whole diet/exercise/medication thing and I thought I would give you an update. We'll start with the good things:
  • I have actually made it to the gym 3 times each week. I don't hate it quite as much as before.
  • I've lost about 5 pounds and am fitting into some pants I haven't been able to wear in a while.
  • My soda cravings are fewer and far between.

Now, here are the not so good things:
  • I'm still not great about the diet. Definitely making smarter choices more often, but not always.
  • My medicine actually makes me feel pretty sick most days. Hoping that will fade away ... STAT.
  • My trainer has decided I can do more than I say I can. Yesterday's session kicked my jiggly butt.

With the exception of the side effects of the medicine, I think things are going well overall. I have another two months before my insulin/glucose numbers are checked again and I may be able to get off the medicine at that time, but the diet and exercise will remain ongoing staples to keep me heading toward better health.

Thanks to friends and family who have been supportive. I truly appreciate it! And by the way, since no one officially commented on the hair, I'm going to assume you all just loved it. Might go even redder next time ;)


  1. Liz, love the hair! It looks super cute on you. As always, thanks for sharing your journey...I'm wishing you lots of luck!

  2. You go, girl! Making these changes is sooooo HARD, but you can do it! p.s. I got a treadmill. Are you proud of me???