Monday, July 23, 2012

A Home for Rosebud

We have a nursery … kind of! The furniture we ordered came in way early (was supposed to arrive in September) so J recruited my cousin Johnny and they picked it up at the warehouse this weekend. By Saturday night the crib was assembled and everything was in place, or the place we think we want everything for now. There are no decorative touches or anything on the walls, but it feels good to have the big stuff done. We even moved the guest room downstairs and set that up. Note to guests: It’s not perfect, but it’s functional.

I know we still have plenty of time to do this kind of stuff but I like having it done now, especially as I get less and less helpful with anything physical! Our townhouse has a LOT of stairs and going up and down them multiple times in a day definitely makes my hips throb. Lately, we’ve had some really productive weekends getting everything in order and my body feels the effects so doing these things while I’m still feeling relatively good is in everyone’s best interest.

Since I have to bank the majority of my vacation this year to supplement maternity leave, we’re not taking any real vacations. However, we are managing to sneak in a couple of weekend trips. I am headed to my parents’ house at the lake this weekend. I have no plans other than to NOT be in Atlanta and relax by the water. Then, for our anniversary in August, we’re headed to Blacksburg. This is a trip we usually take each year, often to see a game, but this was the only time it was feasible this year (we’ll miss you, Mudds!). I’m not really sure what you do in Blacksburg other than drink cheap, but we will get to see a scrimmage and more importantly, shop for Hokie gear for Rosebud. Regardless, it’s a lovely town and I like being back in Virginia for any reason so I’m looking forward to it.

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