Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Night and Good Luck

Ah, a good night’s rest: an elusive feat. I am far enough along, and my belly is big enough that sleeping comfortably through the night is mostly just a memory. I toss and turn trying to find a good position, clumsily manipulating an array of pillows meant to support everything from my neck to my hips. Then I throw the covers off in a sweaty heat flash and do my best to ignore that ever-constant urge to pee. J is starting to wonder if he should sleep in the guest room so HE can get some rest.

Add to that the annoying little discomforts such as a stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen whenever I change positions, which is apparently known as round ligament pain, and a constant dull, throbbing ache due to stretching lady parts. The best way to describe it is as if I’ve been karate-kicked in the crotch. Ouch! Though not unbearable, each of these contributes to my recent inability to sleep through the night. I assume it is nature’s way of somewhat preparing you for the upcoming exhaustion of having a newborn.

Speaking of newborns, I found myself watching a few episodes of A Baby Story on TLC the other day. I hadn’t seen it in years and even though they were reruns, I understandably had a newfound interest in them. I thought I might freak out seeing various labor and delivery scenes, but I was actually more excited than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I am nervous about the pain potential, but I have also accepted it as a short-term obstacle to meeting our baby girl. I am much more concerned about having a safe delivery and a healthy baby. The pain will fade.

This week being the beginning of my 6th month, I’m trying to balance the feeling that there still seems like so far to go (110 more days!) with the reality that it will probably go by pretty quick. I like to feel prepared so we’ve already picked out a pediatrician, pre-registered at the hospital and scheduled a tour. We’ve decided to forgo any childbirth class. My theory is that I can read and ask other mothers any questions I have and there will be plenty of qualified personnel present for the delivery to instruct me on anything. Plus, J and I can practice any relaxation techniques at home; we both find it uncomfortable to do that kind of stuff with a group of strangers. I originally felt like you have to do a class for your first baby, but I am now totally comfortable with the decision not to attend.

Right now I’m just trying to enjoy myself since I feel good more days than not. Any of the discomforts mentioned above are just that; nothing more, and they’re certainly not stopping me from delighting in some of the perks of pregnancy, like feeling Rosebud move around. Every little thump makes me smile and J even felt something for the first time the other night. Hooray!

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