Friday, October 19, 2012

You Big Baby!

Well, my hopes a while back for a smaller (yet healthy) baby have officially been dashed. The doctor is guesstimating this child is in the mid-7lb range and will deliver in the mid-high 8s. I know this is just an estimate and she could easily be wrong, but I'm pretty certain she won't be so off that I have a 6.5lb baby so I'm prepping myself.

Hearing those numbers scares me a little, but since I already know I am having an epidural (hooray for drugs!), I am assuming I won't feel much of a difference no matter her size. The thing that makes me nervous is perhaps a greater possibility of a bad tear or even a c-section. Either way, I still just want her to be healthy. I will survive.

The best news of my appointment today was that I hadn't gained any more weight, which can be normal at this point. Those last couple of weigh-ins were a doozie; not just because the actual amount I gained in a short time seemed high, but the numbers on the scale went into digits I never, ever want to see again. I truly can't complain about my weight gain during this pregnancy - I have been lucky and can only hope that means it is a tad bit easier to lose.

I was also assured that feeling like I have been hit by a Mac truck is completely normal at this point. You know, can't sleep, every move is at least a little painful and requires great effort, that sort of thing. As I have said before, even more frustrating than the constant discomfort is the haunting uncertainty of what is to come and when.

J is back from Vancouver (yay!) but off to Orlando on Sunday. As of next Thursday he's home until at least after Thanksgiving so let's all plan on a Friday, Oct. 26 birth. Sound good?! Good. It's a date.

p.s. I had a dream last night that Rosebud actually came out a boy. I was freaking out because J and I couldn't agree on a name before we left the hospital! Did any of you mamas out there have a opposite sex name back up just in case?

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