Monday, June 6, 2011

Babies of the four-legged variety

J and I love our dog something serious. Before she came into our lives, I was the one who was all about getting a puppy. J was amenable to the idea but not dead set on it. And once I convinced him, he didn't even want to consider a Labrador Retriever. His exact words: "Everyone has one of those. I want something different." I had to remind him the reason everyone has a Labrador ... they're frickin' AWESOME.

He now knows that to be the truth because he is more obsessed with our darling Savannah than I am. We have been lucky to have a very sweet, well-behaved dog. In turn, she is as spoiled as ever. We treat her as is she were our child.

So here comes my dilemma: I am worried about the lack of love she might feel if a baby came into the picture. Is this enough to stop me from wanting to have a child, of course not. But, I do think about it. She has been our little pride and joy for four years and it hurts my feelings to think how hers will be hurt when our attention gets directed elsewhere.

So, my fellow dog-lovers with children, how have you handled the inevitable change that comes in the relationship with your pet when you have a baby? Any wise words of advice?

p.s. - this was written with Savannah curled up in my lap

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