Thursday, June 2, 2011

Love racking up those bonus miles, but ...

Here's today's question: how does one go about getting pregnant when her husband is a traveling man? That is a problem that pops up most months for us Lowmans. J isn't always here when he needs to be. So with his schedule and my unpredictable cycles, it can be super hard to coordinate.

The frustration of watching a month go by without any real possibility of getting pregnant (hello, June!) leads me to the weird thought/wish I had a few months ago: How great would it be if every person was born with a unique code of some kind that "unlocked" pregnancy? So, when the time came that both you and your spouse were ready to procreate, you entered your codes into the universe and BAM! - bun in the oven. That way 1) you couldn't get pregnant without the consent of your SO, 2) you would eliminate unwanted pregnancies (bonus: also sickening shows like 16 and Pregnant!!) and 3) you eliminate all the hassle of getting pregnant. OMG - sex could be just for fun again! It's an ingenious plan, right?

Notice that I am specifically choosing not to look at any of the potential downsides to that plan and only focus on how wonderful it would be. It already took J and I five years to get to the point that we're both ready to have a family ... but who knows how long it will take to actually make that happen? On that note, I am sticking with my theory that special DNA fertility codes are the way to go.

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