Sunday, June 19, 2011

What rhymes with orange? Spray tan

I'm very fair-skinned. J has even referred to me as transparent. Last year I had a couple of benign spots on my skin that had to be removed. It definitely made me think differently about being out in the sun. But I'll admit that I have always preferred the way I look with some color.

Several weeks ago there was a Groupon for 1/2 off a spray tan. Sounded like a good deal to me! J is out of town so I took advantage of yesterday to pamper myself. I got my nails done, my hair cut and finally went in for my tan.

Since this was my first experience, the girl had to tell me what to do (she was weird, pale and apathetic to boot). She told me to wipe off my hands and fingers with a baby wipe so the color wouldn't get too dark, which I did. What she DIDN'T tell me was to wipe off the bottom of my feet.

The tan has now fully-developed and not only are the bottom of my feet a mess, but the overall look just isn't me. It's not really orange, but it's definitely not natural looking. I'm going to see how much I can rub off before showing up to work looking like a freak tomorrow.  :(

Guess I'm destined to be transparent.

ADDENDUM: Folks at work have assured me it looks fine (until I show them my feet). I'm feeling a little better about the experience now.

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