Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7 weeks to go

I had a regularly-scheduled biweekly doctor's appointment this morning - one of those real quick ones. Turns out I lost the 4 pounds I gained at the last appointment. I was a little concerned but the doctor assured me that Rosebud is still measuring well and has a strong heartbeat so there is no reason to worry.

He also added that losing weight can be common among those of us who started out a bit heavier. As long as my little girl is OK, I certainly have no issues with having only gained 3 pounds this entire pregnancy so far. I was given the green light to up  my calorie intake but I still don't have a huge appetite. No nausea or aversions, just not all that hungry!

Given my trip to the hospital on Friday, he also talked a bunch about preterm labor signs. There is still a 10% chance I could give birth in the next two weeks despite that swab test being negative. However, I think this is the kind of stuff they discuss with every woman at this stage and not because I'm at a higher risk. Until I have 8 noticeable contractions in an hour, I'm good to go. And honestly, I don't think I'm even aware of every contraction I have right now. The ones I do feel are just a bit uncomfortable, not painful or anything I have to breathe through, which is all normal and fine.

We're working on putting the finishing touches on the nursery this week and plan on getting any outstanding items that are necessary (i.e., breast pump, car seat, etc.) soon. I hope to have everything in place by October so that if anything WERE to happen, we'd be all set. Preterm or not, we're getting closer!

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