Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sugar Baby

Totally got this for our little turkey
The results are in and…I passed my glucose test, meaning no gestational diabetes for this girl! This is, of course, after failing the initial screening so I did have to endure the 3-hour test, but that was boring more than anything else; the waiting room of a doctor’s office just isn’t comfortable, no matter what. Anyway, I’m relieved because it’s one less thing to worry about as this pregnancy comes ever close to an end. I still remain relatively calm about the impending birth. I’m wondering when/if that’s going to change.

The only concern my doctors have right now is that I developed anemia – severe anemia to be exact. This would help explain my recent bouts with shortness of breath and intense fatigue. Well, simply being 31 weeks pregnant can explain both of those, too, but the anemia isn’t helping the cause. I was put on a daily iron supplement and have to try to get iron through my diet as well. It’s a good thing I like red meat – bring on a steak!

You’ll notice I’m not expounding much on the size of my belly or my weight. There’s a reason for that. I was none-too-pleased with the scale at my appointment this morning and most days I feel huge, though I don't think I'm overly big for how far along I am. I can’t even imagine what’s to come the next few weeks as far as that goes! My total weight gain is still on track, but the number of pounds put on during the last two weeks can’t become a habit, for my body or my sanity. Yikes.

Other than that, Rosebud and I are doing fine. She’s measuring just as she should and her little heartbeat is nice and strong. As long as I can make it through the next nine weeks, I think we’ll both be good to go come time for her arrival!

I had my first baby shower a couple of weeks ago and it was lovely. It is nice to start getting some of the essentials, however less glamorous, we need (read: burp cloths). I like checking them off the list, feeling more prepared. My mom and I also thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Carter’s for some cute outfits. Rosebud now has a decent little wardrobe going for her first few weeks.

The other news is that we got a new car. We were only going to look to get an idea of what was out there and truly had no intention of buying anything yet. Whoops! The plan had been to eventually trade in my 2006 VW Jetta and get a smaller SUV for me, with J staying in his Nissan Murano. However, as we test drove a few, it started to make more sense for me to take over the Murano and to get J a new sedan. There were no good deals on any of the models we liked, and really, no need for us to have two SUVs. Plus, J missed having an actual car as his daily driver. We ended up getting a sweet deal on a fully-loaded Passat (J getting a VW was also totally unexpected) and I’m now learning to maneuver the Murano, which is so much bigger than my little Jetta! If you’re on the road in East Cobb, look out! And if you're a cop, please let J off with a warning as he remembers how not to drive a car with some real power too fast.

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