Monday, September 10, 2012

The return of Hop Along and Hank

You may remember that last October when we were camping, our 4-legged baby, Savannah, tore her ACL. This resulted in a pricey surgery and several months of recovery. The vet had warned us that she now had a 70% chance of tearing the other ACL and while we didn’t protect her to the point of ridiculousness, we have been careful to not put her in an abundance of situations that could lead to that happening.

Well, on Friday night we were headed out to dinner and were going to bring her in the car with us. Riding in the car is her most favorite thing in the world so she got real excited and ran down the stairs ahead of us. Suddenly, we heard the most pitiful “YELP!” and both instantly knew what happened. There were definitely some f-bombs floating around the Lowman household that evening. While there is never good timing for an accident like this to occur, when one of you is 8 weeks from giving birth and can’t help getting an invalid pup up and down your millions of stairs, it’s a particularly bad time.

J is about to start some marathon business travel before the baby comes, leaving me to care for an injured Savannah. I obviously can’t pick her up like J can and move her from level to level so until we can have the surgery in a few weeks, she’s either going to have to hop around (hence the maybe-not-very-sensitive nickname Hop Along) or be content down on the bottom floor by herself, which is highly unlikely. When she doesn’t feel good she actually wants attention from her mama! Poor puppy; and poor us – literally – we feel like we’re already hemorrhaging money to prepare for the baby.

However, some good news: my supervisor was awesomely generous and agreed to let me begin a regular work from home schedule (2.5 days a week) to help accommodate some of the discomfort of being in the office all day, every day between now and giving birth. I am so thankful because this will be a huge help to my mental and physical well-being. Even better, this is set to continue after I am back from maternity leave, allowing me more time to spend with Rosebud and prolong the period until we put her in full-time daycare. The relief I feel is almost immeasurable.

Also, I feel like I should admit that Hank, my sweet tooth (as in…I have a hankering for some chocolate), whom had been dormant for a good chunk of this pregnancy, is back with a vengeance. This may or may not have contributed to my slightly over-zealous weight gain at the last appointment. I write this as I pop a mini-Hershey’s bar into my mouth sooo next week’s weight calculation may not be looking good either.

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