Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ensure you're insured

Our appointment with the fertility specialist is tomorrow. I have a host of feelings about it; so many conflicting ones that I won't bore you with most of them. The one that I WILL share is my frustration with a little obstacle we encountered yesterday.

I received a call from the office confirming my appointment and reminding me that our insurance will not cover the consultation or any following testings, procedures, etc. Hold up ...WHAT? I had called the insurance company back when we made the appointment to check on this very topic and the representative told me our plan covered anything considered diagnostic. We have been under the impression that finding out what, if anything, was wrong wouldn't come out of pocket.

Immediately I was on the phone with our insurance company to find out the truth. Unfortunately, whomever I spoke to before was gravely misinformed. Our plan in fact did NOT cover anything related to infertility. I panicked for a moment ... or two. OK, I panicked for about a half hour. We're not exactly swimming in piles of money. The consultation alone was going to cost more than $500 up front.

After I calmed down J and I talked about what to do. The doctor we're seeing offers free 30-minute consultations. She will review our medical history and make recommendations. The original consultation would have been more in-depth and include some preliminary testing. So, that's what we're going to do. We'll hear what she suggests and if it includes certain tests, which I'm sure it will, we will learn the cost and then save as necessary.

I'll admit that my bubble is a bit deflated. I was so excited to start getting some answers and now I feel like it's still out of reach. I guess we'll just have to see what tomorrow holds and what we can do from there. Wish us luck!

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