Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to good

In order to refrain from unleashing any further negativity into the blogosphere, I waited to post until I was feeling more balanced. With the help of half-a-pill of celexa each day, that mission has been accomplished. Apparently I need just that little to maintain my sanity and all-around loveliness. I'm back to being myself and J is glad to no longer fear for his life. I’ll just have to wait until the time I actually become pregnant to cross that bridge.

Since returning from Vegas, life has thrown a few curve balls; the first being the entirety of last week when I couldn’t seem to physically recover from the trip. My throat was sore, my head ached and I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open at work. I was also put on a diet and exercise program that meant several comfortable aspects of my life had to change ASAP. The second was a failed date night on Saturday when we ended up walking out on our almost meal, which never actually arrived. The third was getting caught at work last night with a completely flat tire. J was kind enough to drive down and help me change it. All were little things, but each was inconvenient enough in its own right to cause some irritation on my end, especially when crammed into a short period of time.

For those of you wondering, the diet has actually gone pretty well thus far. Tomorrow will be a week and well, that’s a couple days longer than I have ever lasted before. I haven’t been perfect, but I am making better choices over all and thinking more about what I eat. I consider that progress because I’m not going to change over night. After re-joining the gym for the umpteenth time I went to a spin class Saturday morning (yeah, THIS girl was up before 10 a.m. on a weekend to exercise), had a meeting with a trainer/short workout on Monday and will be heading back tonight after work.

On another note, J’s parents are coming to visit this weekend and we’ll have a belated celebration of both his and his mom’s birthday with a nice dinner out. Then, next weekend is our fifth anniversary! We’ll go to another nice dinner. It’s funny – we haven’t been to a really nice restaurant in forever and we’ll hit two different ones on consecutive weekends, but I’m not complaining! If I fall too far off the wagon during those meals, I’ll just hop back on come the next one. I won’t let it completely derail me as has happened in the past.

I hope everyone else is busy enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I’m actually looking forward to the slightly cooler fall temps this year. Oh, and of course, the start of some Hokie football.

p.s. - Next week, be on the lookout for an exciting change!

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