Friday, August 5, 2011

Let them eat cake (except Liz, she gets spinach)

Oy vey. There is a difference between knowing you should do something and being told to do so by a doctor, as I learned yesterday at my appointment: you feel more pressure to actually do it when told by a medical professional.

As previously mentioned, I am insulin resistant. That means that my body secretes extra insulin (apparently a LOT of extra in my case) to help break down glucose and stop my blood sugar from becoming too high. Again, she reassured me that I am not diabetic, as my glucose was in the normal range. In order to manage my insulin levels, I have been placed on a strict diet, exercise and medication regimen:
  • No white flour products, potatoes, rice, etc.
  • Carbs are OK only if they are whole wheat and high in fiber
  • Sugars and sweets are off limits
  • Only certain, less sugary fruits allowed (goodbye, watermelon and pineapple!)
  • Lots of lean protein and veggies
  • Eat every four hours
  • 20-30 minutes exercise, 3x week
None of this is rocket science; it’s the way we should all eat in the first place. Only difference is that now I know the “bad” foods affect me more severely than someone without insulin resistance. The interesting thing to note is that insulin resistance and being overweight is almost like a chicken and the egg kind of scenario: being overweight can lead to insulin resistance and insulin resistance can lead to being overweight, etc. Even when I was skinny I had a horrible diet so I’m not sure which was first for me.

In addition to the new diet and added importance of exercising on a regular basis (btw, we’re rejoining the gym this week — ugh), I have started a medication called Metformin, which, along with the other healthy behaviors, can help lower insulin levels, increase your ability to lose weight and get rid of other factors related to insulin resistance like acne and cycle irregularities. I’ll be following this routine for about three months and during this time J and I are advised to continue to try and conceive on our own. Then, I’ll be retested and whether I need any additional fertility assistance will be evaluated at that time.

Keeping up with diet and exercise have always been a really hard thing for me to do, so support is key right now. Even yesterday when we were picking up stuff at the grocery store, walking past the bakery and all the cookies, cakes and pastries was painful. I can’t tell you how bad I wanted something ... anything! But that’s not to say I will cut out absolutely every sweet — it’s just not possible — because at some point, I’ll break and binge. So this week’s indulgence will be a Gigi’s cupcake for J’s birthday on Sunday. I am already salivating.

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  1. You are going to do great! I know this is hard news. You know I have no willpower whatsoever, but hearing it from the doc does have a kick in the pants effect, doesn't it? GO LIZ!